My Experience of Covering Grey Hair for the First Time

We all know that greying hair is a natural process that comes with age. There are only a few who wear grey hair as a badge of honour and I thought I would be one of them. But spotting my 1st greys was an unsettling emotion, especially because I got them at an early age. I was just 20 when I spotted my 1st grey hair. I panicked and was shocked. I plucked out the strand of grey hair, believing that I got rid of them. To my dismay, a couple of days later, the grey hair made a comeback. I plucked it off again just to find more and more grey hair growing back in its place. This approach was manageable for a few days but definitely not sustainable. I resorted to hiding grey hair as if it never existed. I changed the parting and combed my hair differently, tied them in a bun and even used hair accessories to hide the grey hair.

Every day I would count the number of greys, hoping they would exhibit a declining trend someday. But they just kept increasing. One part of me wanted to embrace the grey hair and sport a salt and pepper look with age but the other part would always fret on the increasing number of greys. I didn’t want to become a laughing stock in my college and was frantically searching for a solution to my grey hairs.

I started following a lot of grandma’s approved tips on how to cover early grey hair. I started including iron and biotin-rich foods in my diet like legumes, eggs, almonds, tomatoes, bananas, green leafy vegetables, pumpkin seeds etc.  In addition, I also started following a fitness regime as stress and a sedentary lifestyle is known to be one of the biggest factors of premature greying of hair. 

My granny used to swear by amla, curry leaves and buttermilk for premature grey hair. She used to reinforce that this is the best way to colour hair naturally at home and this hair pack can even reverse greying. Supposedly, the new hair growth would be black. So reminiscing her words, I readily applied the hair mask an hour before taking a bath. After the bath, my hair definitely felt soft and smooth but the greys were still there. Obviously, grey hair wouldn’t go in a day, but I followed this routine for a couple of more months, hoping to see some positive results.

I had also read somewhere that beetroot juice helps to colour hair naturally at home. My mom readily made the hair pack and applied it. I went up and down the hallway, impatiently waiting to see the beautiful burgundy hair colour in some time. After washing the hair there was a red hint but the grey hair was still visible. #FacePalm

I was tired of concealing grey hair and waiting for the natural ways to show results. Empathizing with me, my friends suggested, ‘Colour your hair at home.’ While trying new hair colour ideas at home had always been on my bucket list, but using an instant hair colour at home to cover the greys had never crossed my mind. I never imagined my hair would turn grey so soon. Also, there are a lot of myths associated with instant hair colour used to cover the greys. I had been fed with a misconception that once you start colouring your hair at home to cover the grey hair, your greys start growing faster and in no time all your hair would turn grey. Hence, initially, I was sceptical of trying hair colour for black hair. After all, who wants a head full of white hair at the mere age of 20.

But my friend clarified that it’s not true. Grey hair depends on genes, environment and lifestyle. It has nothing to do with the instant hair colour. If you pick up a safe hair colour then you need not visit a professional every time to colour your hair. There are many myths around hair colour for ladies but my doubts were put to rest after reading this post.

After being assured that hair colouring at home is safe, I started reading How to choose hair colour’. There are a lot of factors one must consider while choosing the best hair colour for women. Safe hair colour would ensure beautifully coloured tresses without causing any damage to the hair. So the most important factor is to choose an ammonia-free hair colour and the one with safe ingredients in it. Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour is the best hair colour in India which contains safe ingredients and has 10x aloe vera that makes the hair look soft and shiny.  

Of all the Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair colour shades in India, I chose Natural Brown hair colour. It solved the dual purpose of changing hair colour at home and even covering the grey hair. Also, it was so easy on pockets that a college-going girl like me could easily afford it. 

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour comes in single-use sachets. You needn’t bother about mixing the colourant and developer in equal proportions. Just cut open the sachets, empty them in a glass bowl and mix it properly. It was an absolutely fuss-free process. Sectioning the hair to apply hair colour wasn’t that tough either. I easily managed to apply hair colour all over my hair. I had to wait for only 30 minutes before washing off the hair colour. I rushed to the bathroom, the moment the alarm rang at 30 minutes. I washed my hair, wrapped them in an old t-shirt and anxiously stepped out. 

As I sat in front of the dressing table, I unwrapped my hair and chocolate brown locks fell on my shoulders. My mom ran fingers through my hair to search for traces of grey hair but she found none. I heaved a sigh of relief and took solace in caressing my beautifully coloured hair. They were soft and shiny and I couldn’t wait to flaunt my hair in college. 

With the instant hair colour, I got my confidence back. I could roam around freely without worrying about my grey hair slipping out of the bun or clip. After a month of applying Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour, the hair colour started fading off and by 6 weeks it was time to apply it again. The number of greys didn’t increase and my hair was quite healthy. I didn’t experience any damage too. Since then I have been regularly using Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour. Now the increasing number of greys don’t give me a nightmare. It is just an opportunity to try different hair colour ideas at home. If you are also one who is sceptical of trying hair colour at home, give it a try. And trust me, you would thank me for a lifetime. 


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