My experience of trying different hair colour ideas and hair colour shades

I was in my twenties when I spotted my first grey. It bothered me for a moment but on the flip side, it gave me an opportunity to try different hair colour ideas. I had always been fascinated by the light hair colour shades and thought of giving it a try. So, I bleached the ends of my hair and became almost blonde. After a few days, I coloured my hair red just to add a little drama. I was enjoying the dramatic look but a month later, my hair health had gone for a toss. It became prone to breakage and started breaking mid-length. My tresses became dry and frizzy. The mane looked lifeless, to say the least.

My mom was always against getting the hair bleached, but the rebel in me was always looking for bizarre hair colour ideas. I learned the hard way that how right my mom was. I tried a lot of remedies to regain the natural shine of my hair but the damage had already been done. When the bleached hair grew out, I chopped the ends and got them trimmed again and again. I went to a hair spa and used hydrating masks to restore the health of my hair. But it took months and months together to get back my silky hair. 

After making a lot of mistakes I learned that bleaching is not the best hair colour for men or women. It is really harmful to the hair and can adversely affect the quality of your hair. 

Then how to choose the right hair colour idea? Before choosing any hair colour shade, one must do proper research. Talk to your parents, cousins, friends, and acquittances for first-hand recommendations. Read reviews of the hair colour ideas online and accordingly take a decision. 

I trusted the recommendations of my mother because she was right in the first place. She recommended using Godrej expert rich crème hair colour. She said, “There are so many ways in which you can colour your hair and follow the latest trends. But you must use the safe way.” She had a lot of reasons to believe in the brand and she shared the same with me too. 

    1. Trusted brand: Godrej has been the pioneer in the hair colouring segment. My mom has been using the Godrej expert hair colour for years and she has been really happy with the results. Her hair looks absolutely natural and nobody can make out if she has coloured her hair or changed the hair colour shade. In fact, nobody can make out if she has coloured her tresses till she admits it herself. Such is the beauty of her hair. And I have witnessed it for years, so I was convinced that it is a trusted hair colour brand for women.
    2. No ammonia hair colour: Hair colours with ammonia bleach the hair. This dehydrates the hair and makes it devoid of natural oils and moisture. It also makes hair dry and prone to breakage. On the other hand, no ammonia hair colour is safe to use. It doesn’t damage the hair and keeps it soft too. Thus, it is advisable to use no-ammonia hair colour.
    3. Goodness of natural ingredients: The expert hair colour has the goodness of 10x aloe vera which keeps the hair healthy while covering the grey hair at home. It makes the hair silky soft and shiny too.
    4. Easy to use: Mom made a very valid point when she said, “Covering greys is not a one-time task. Once you start doing it, it is going to be a routine affair. And nobody wants hassles and troubles in routine affairs. So, it would be smart if an easy-to-do hair colour idea is adopted from day one.” I agreed with her. There are days when I have all the time but there are also days when I am running out of time and it is equally important to cover the greys. For all such days, Godrej Expert rich crème hair colour comes as a saviour. Using it you can easily cover the greys at home in just 30 minutes. 
    5. Natural hair colour shade: My mom clarified a basic thing regarding hair colour shades. The darker shades which are close to natural hair colour shades are safer compared to bleaching or other hair colours which require bleaching. The natural colour shade for hair is safe to use. The rich crème hair colour comes in 5 natural shades and it doesn’t harm the hair too. The 5 natural hair colour shades are – natural black hair colour, dark brown hair colour, black brown hair colour, natural brown hair colour, and burgundy hair colour. 




Now that my mom had approved the safety of using this hair colour, I was tempted to try these hair colour shades one by one. To see the actual shade of hair colour, it is advisable to let the colour grow out and then apply a new hair colour shade. I tried 5 shades and absolutely loved all of them. 

Beautiful hair colour shades for women

  • Natural black hair colour: 

It is a universal hair colour shade for the Indians. When in doubt, you can blindly pick up this colour and cover the grey hair strands. But if you have natural brown hair and you do black hair colour then it will become evident that you have coloured your tresses. So, decide on your aim first and then choose a hair colour shade accordingly. 

  • Dark Brown Hair Colour 

Dark Chocolate is my favourite and I guess that’s why the first hair colour shade I tried was dark brown hair colour. Dark brown hair colour shade has hints of brown on black hair. It is a rich, warm hair colour that screams luxury. Beaches, Cocktail parties, red carpets, award functions – you will always find more than one woman wearing this brown hair colour. The reflection of light varies because of two different tones of black and brown pigments in dark brown hair colour. This makes the hair shine and glow. Indian people with naturally black hair will get brown hues visible in the sunlight. 

  • Black brown hair colour

If you are one of those who want the best of both worlds – the black and the brown hair colour, then this one is for you. It is a blend of black and brown hair colour shades. Try the black brown hair colour and you will definitely love it. 

  • Natural brown hair colour

Natural brown hair colour is also a dark shade that is suitable for Indian hair. It is lighter than the dark brown hair colour shade and suits all Indians well. Natural brown hair colour comes in shade no. 4.00 and is one of the prettiest hair colour shades for sure. 

  • Burgundy hair colour

Shades of burgundy hair colour look beautiful under the sun. As the name suggests, this shade is a mix of red and violet tones to give burgundy hair colour. It is a beautiful hair colour for times you want to head out to the beach or a pool party or any daytime wedding function. It wouldn’t be a surprise if people brush by your side just to have a closer look at your hair without you noticing it. #Wink!

All these natural hair colour shades cover the grey hair and blend really well with the natural shade of hair colour. The natural colour shade for hair complements the beach waves, soft curls, and even wedding updos. The right hair colour idea can instantly jazz up your style and give you a beautiful vibe.

While I covered the grey hair using different hair colour ideas, my brother envied me for having such beautifully coloured hair at home only. Mom asked him not to worry, “Godrej has a revolutionary hair color for men too. The Godrej expert shampoo hair color for men is a quick way to colour the hair at home.”

As the name suggests, it is a shampoo-based hair color for men and you can colour your hair while shampooing it. It is also a no ammonia hair colour and is enriched with the goodness of amla and shikakai. The goodness of natural ingredients adds a silky, smooth shine to the coloured hair. 

Not just that, the shampoo hair color for men comes in 3 awesome shades – natural black, natural brown hair colour, and burgundy hair color for men.

The expert shampoo hair color for men is a convenient way of doing hair colour at home. You don’t need any brush or mixing bowl. Just squeeze out the shampoo colour on your gloved hands and apply it to your hair. You need only 5 minutes of your time and you can be party-ready at any time of the day. 

Another advantage of using the Godrej hair color for men and women is that, it gives 100% grey hair coverage in the first go only. But my mom suggested a few things that must be kept in mind while colouring the hair at home. Follow these tips and you will definitely get a perfectly coloured mane, just like me. 

Hair colouring and hair care tips for men and women 

Tip 1:  The expert rich crème and the shampoo hair color for men, come in single-use packs. One pack of hair colour is sufficient for single-time usage. If you use a lesser quantity then you might be left with a few greys on your head. Use the complete pack and if you have long and thick hair then get two packs. 

Tip 2: Apply the hair colour on properly washed and dried hair. Whether it is shampoo hair color for men or the rich crème hair colour for women, you should apply it on clean and dry hair for the best results. 

Tip 3: If you had previously used heena or any hair colour containing metallic salts, then wait for the hair to grow out. Ideally, two months is a good time to wait before trying a new hair colour idea. 

Tip 4: Apply the hair colour on the roots first and then on the lengths of the hair.  You should focus on the greys first which allows the hair colour to sit on them a little longer. 

The mom-approved hair colouring and hair care tips for men and women have always helped me. After using the Godrej expert hair colour, I am convinced that it offers the best hair colour ideas. The coloured tresses give an edgy and chic look. The goodness of natural ingredients in hair color for men and women adds definition and volume to the hair. The bouncy hair adds an oomph factor to your look without much effort. And, sometimes that is all you need to stand out from your peers.

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