Safe hair colour for women for the perfect Diwali look

Diwali is around the corner and it is that time of the year when women start looking for ideas to change their style and look. Doing the latest hair colour is one of the coolest and easiest things to transform the looks. Sometimes women wish to try the latest hair colour or brighten their natural hair colour, or simply cover their greys. Whatever the reason, many women are scared of the dire consequences of using hair colour at home. What if the colour doesn’t suit me? What if the results are not as per my expectations? What if my hair is damaged? Trying the latest hair colour for a transformed Diwali look is very tempting yet the thought of experiments makes many anxious. There are a million questions and a zillion worries for women to try the latest hair colour for the first time that too on a special occasion like Diwali.

For the perfect Diwali look, it is imperative to choose safe ammonia-free hair colour to put all the worries at rest. It is important because once you do hair colour at home, especially to cover the greys, you will have to do it once in 4-6 weeks for years together. Using the wrong product will lead to an accumulative exposure to harmful chemicals and will be harmful to the health of your hair and might have adverse effects on your body too.

For whatever reasons you are planning to do hair colour at home, choose a hair colour wisely. Here are things you should consider for a safe hair colour at home that will give you beautiful and luscious hair for the Diwali party.


1. Choose ammonia-free hair colour:

Ammonia is being used in hair colour for a long-long time. When applied to hair, it opens the hair cuticles to allow the hair colour to deposit at the hair shafts and then the cuticles close back. Prolonged usage of ammonia disturbs the pH balance of hair making the cuticles weak and not allowing them to close back completely. This results in hair damage, fizziness and hair breakage too. So always chose a hair colour without ammonia to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour is ammonia-free and has milder ingredients making it absolutely safe to use.

2. Choose the latest hair colour with safe ingredients:

Ingredients of hair colour play a vital role in maintaining the health of your hair. Ingredients that take care of your hair and adds to its shine and lustre should be preferred. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour has a unique formula with 10x aloe vera which gives you soft and shiny hair. The proteolytic enzymes in aloe vera remove dead skin cells from the scalp and promote hair growth. Aloe vera also has soothing and healing properties, which is best for people with sensitive skin. After using Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour at home your hair will become soft and shiny.

Natural black - Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour

3. Choose a shade closest to your natural hair colour:

Whenever you choose to do hair colour at home, choosing a shade that is closest to your natural hair colour. Lightening the hair colour means bleaching which damages your hair to a greater extent. Highlights, blonde and platinum look comes with its own dire consequences and you end up with thinner looking damaged hair. It is wise to choose a shade closest to your natural shade. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour comes in 5 beautiful warm shades that would amp up your natural hair– natural brown, dark brown, black-brown, natural black and burgundy.

Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour in 5 shades - Godrej Expert

4. Choose a trustworthy brand:

A trustworthy brand will offer you a quality product that takes care of your tresses like their own. Godrej Expert is India’s first hair colour brand. It is also the largest selling hair colour that is used by over 4 crore users. It offers quick, beautiful and ammonia-free hair colour. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is a revolutionary product that is extremely easy to use and available in beautiful shades at affordable prices.

5. Don’t colour eyebrows and eyelashes:

I have seen ladies getting excited to match their eyebrows and hair to complement their Diwali look. However, the FDA strictly bans the use of latest hair colour for eyelashes and eyebrow tinting, even in beauty salons. It might trigger an allergic reaction causing swelling and increased risk of infection around the eyes. You can also become blind. So avoid using hair colours on your eyebrows.


If you have planned a trendy haircut or a different hairstyle, your look will be incomplete without the latest hair colour. The right hair colour at home will add that extra zing to your festive look and make you the centre of attraction on Diwali night. So take that plunge with Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour that is safe, easy to use and ammonia-free hair colour. Its unique formula is enriched with 10x aloe vera and makes your hair soft and shiny. Also, it is really easy to apply and within 30 minutes you can do a hair colour at home. Here are a few hair colour tips for the perfect Diwali look.


(i) Hair colour tip 1: Consider your outfit before opting for hair colour at home. Warm shades of hair colour or subtle highlights go perfect with the ethnic Diwali look. Blonde, sombre and Ombre goes well with Indo-western outfits. Also if you are doing hair colour at home for the first time, then it is safe to choose a warm hair colour shade. You can pick any of the 5 beautiful shades of Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour and it will beautifully compliment your saree or lehenga on Diwali.

(ii) Hair colour tip 2: Read the instructions on the hair colour box to the T. Wear gloves when applying hair colour and don’t leave hair colour any longer than mentioned on the pack. Most importantly, do a patch test before trying the latest hair colour at home. Apply a small patch behind the ears and wait for 48 hours before doing hair colour at home. If you don’t observe any rashes or allergic reaction it is safe to use the latest hair colour.

(iii) Hair colour tip 3: Heat styling tools are the worst enemy of hair. And after doing hair colour at home, it is all the more important to stay away from them. Allow your hair to dry naturally and avoid using a blow dryer soon after colouring hair. Even if you are in a hurry, use the hairdryer in cool mode and keep it at least 15cm away from the hair. When making hairstyles on Diwali, try not to use heat styling tools. Avoid straightening or curling your hair. Instead, try some funky clips and hair accessories to make a beautiful hairstyle.


The right hair colour can easily make or break your look. Take special care of your tresses and choose a safe hair colour for them. Godrej Expert hair colour is the best hair colour that colours your hair and makes them soft and shiny too. This Diwali try it, to believe in it.

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