Simple Hair Colour Ideas For This Festive Season

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi comes with a lot of eagerness and excitement. It is celebrated with great preparations and enthusiasm, especially in the state of Maharashtra. The atmosphere turns vibrant and the aroma of dhoop and modak fills the air around. The energy is electric but it is definitely soothing for our body and soul. The real joy of festivals lies in celebrating with family and friends. But this year, it’s different. In these tough times of the pandemic, community gatherings and cultural festivities with dhol would be missed. The puja, the celebrations would be restricted inside our homes and the festivals would be celebrated with just the family members.

But there is nothing that can dampen an Indian’s spirit to celebrate the festival with the same fervor. Festivals are one time of the year that gives an opportunity to the women to flaunt their best traditional sarees, lehengas, jewellery, and makeup. And this year it should be no different. Start by pampering yourself and prepare your skin and hair before the festivities kick-start. Hair is the best asset of a lady and it can transform your look in the easiest ways. Use hair colour at home with Godrej Expert Hair Colour and the change would surely be noticed even over video calls. During these festivities don’t hesitate to do hair colour at home and sport an easy, quick and manageable hairstyle to give yourself a chic ethnic look.

It is very easy and quick with the Godrej Expert Rich Creme Hair Colour. It is ammonia free hair colour so it does not damage the hair protein and its unique formula has 10X aloe vera which makes hair soft and gives it a healthy shine. It is a pocket-friendly, effective hair colour option. So give your hair a healthy shine with the 10x goodness of aloe vera in Godrej Expert Hair Colour.

Before picking up the best at-home hair colour, check out these latest hair colour ideas to give yourself a makeover in this festive season.


1) Natural look

Natural is definitely not boring. It is the best hair colour for women to flaunt and a natural look can never go wrong. But don’t believe that natural hair means jet black hair and the best at-home hair colour is black. That looks very artificial and makes your features appear harder and washed out. It even looks like you are wearing a wig.

So if you are looking for the best hair colour for gray hair, pick up the shade that matches or is closest to your natural hair colour. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour range comes in 5 beautiful shades – natural black, black brown, dark brown, natural brown, and burgundy. We suggest that for professional hair colour at home choose one of these shades – Natural black, black brown and dark brown. These are the closest to Indian women hair colour.

Also, if it’s your first experience of doing hair colour at home and you aren’t sure of how to colour hair at home, pick up your natural hair colour shade and get going. Godrej Expert hair colour comes in pre-measured single-use sachets which makes it the easiest to use hair colour at home and you are done in just 30 minutes flat.

You can do a strand test too. Just hold a strand of your hair over the sachet of Godrej Expert Hair colour, and check what matches your hair colour. The result, after you do hair colour at home, would be somewhere between the shade on the Godrej Expert Hair colour pack and your natural hair colour.

Going for a natural hair colour at home is basic yet classic. So when in confusion, always opt for a natural look and get a professional hair colour at home with Godrej Expert hair colour.


2) Brown hair

While black hair colour is bewitching, brown is simply beautiful. Festival is the time when you can try changing your look. The easiest way is to transform your hair by following a hair colour trend. But if you are scared and sceptical of making any drastic changes, brown is the go-to colour for you. The subtle beauty of brown colour makes it really appealing to women following hair colour trend. In fact brown is one hair colour that compliments the warm toned and cool toned beauties alike. Brown hair colour is one of the latest hair colour which is sought after worldwide especially in India. The natural brown shade of Godrej Expert hair colour range is of the prettiest shade of natural brown that you will come across. It gives a glowing shine to the hair because it’s a hair colour without ammonia and its unique formula with 10x aloe vera makes your hair soft and shiny. It is the best hair colour for women who choose to cover their gray.

If you are going to do hair colour at home for the first time and you also wish to cover your gray, just cut open a sachet of Godrej Expert hair colour, mix them in a non-metallic mixing bowl and start covering your hair strand by strand. The natural brown hair colour of Godrej Expert hair colour is a natural hair colour which gives your hair a subtle shade while enhancing your look.


3) Burgundy Hair

Many women wait for an eternity before making a big change. The fear of unexpected result refrains them from trying any new shade on their hair. But burgundy is one colour which has been amidst the top hair colour trends for the last few years now. Burgundy is a dark red or wine-like colour. It is not too bold yet an eye-catching shade. Try the Burgundy hair colour from Godrej Expert Hair colour which is close to natural-looking hair without going natural. It gives an incredibly unnoticeable reddish tinge that gets noticed only when you stand in the sun. Whether your hair is curly or straight, you just need a simple centre part to flaunt the tresses with your festive dresses.

Burgundy is one hair colour that looks like an expensive makeover but you can get it in just Rs 30 with Godrej Expert Hair colour. It gives you a professional hair colour at home look without burning a hole in your pockets. It’s a no fuss, easy to do hair colour at home. The burgundy hair colour will make an ultimate style statement.

Hair colour tips: If you have bleached hair or blonde hair and wish to try burgundy hair colour, then be cautious. The result might be an unexpected hue of violet. Using the Godrej expert hair colour in Burgundy shade on natural hair would give you the best result.

Once you opt to do hair colour at home, there are hair colour tips you need to keep in mind.

(i) Determine your skin tone before proceeding to do hair colour at home. Skin colour is an important factor to consider before choosing to do hair colour at home. The right hair colour shade will enhance your features and complement your beauty while a wrong shade can just ruin your look. A hair colour trend might look the best on the models in advertisements but it might not suit you at all.

So determine your undertones to see if you have a warm or a cool skin tone. The simplest way is to see how your cheeks change colour when in sunlight for a long time. If your skin turns red then you have a cool skin tone. However, if your skin gets tanned in sunlight, then you are warm skin toned. Basis the skin tone, you can choose the best at-home hair colour.

(ii) Be very clear on how you wish to style your hair. Styling the coloured hair can give you a whole new identity. Godrej Expert hair colour makes your hair very versatile. This at home hair colour gives you a global hair colour and you can either tie your tresses in a loose bun, a high pony tail, a French braid or leave them loose and let them sway with the winds.

(iii) When you do hair colour at home, your hair needs extra care. Don’t use a lot of heat treatments on your hair. Godrej Expert hair colour no ammonia formula has 10x aloe vera which keeps your hair soft and shiny.

(iv) After doing hair colour at home, you will just fall in love with your coloured hair. So take a little extra care of them. To keep the hair colour on your hair for a longer time, avoid washing them as frequently as you did till now. Always wash your hair with cold water. Washing hair with warm water will swell up the cuticles of the hair. Massaging of hair to make a lather will encourage loss of hair colour and it will fade away faster. However, natural shades like the ones offered by Godrej Expert hair colour don’t fade away as quickly. This hair colour is low-maintenance but whenever you do hair colour at home, it will add richness and shine to your current hair colour and give it a new life.

(v) Research well and avoid any at-home hair colour mistakes if you are doing hair colour at home for the first time. We have got you sorted here

Hair colour at home is no more limited to just covering the gray hair. It is a whole new world and you can experience the joy only when you have tried it once. So gear up ladies. The festivities are just around the corner and there are loads of preparations to be done before they start. Avoid any last-minute choices for your festive dressing, just because you will be celebrating them all at home. Don’t sit back feeling demotivated to dress up. Don’t indulge in thoughts like, “Why should I dress up when it’s all at home only? Why should I check hair colour trends when there would be no one to compliment?” and above all, “Why cover my greys when I don’t have to move out and it’s all about me and my family only?”

Always remember that it is all about you and you only. Because your happiness begins with you and subsequently ripples out to others too. You should do hair colour at home because you feel confident in it. You should follow the hair colour trends because that makes you happy inside out. And most importantly, you should embrace a hair colour idea because that makes you fall in love with yourself. Why care what the world thinks about your gray hair? The only thing that matters is, what you think about yourself when you look into the mirror. And that makes all the difference. So this time enjoy every bit of the festivities and do that by investing in your own happiness.

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