Wedding Hairstyles For Brown Hair

Wedding season represents new beginnings and new changes. The shimmering lights, the delicious sweets and of course, all the new clothes make us truly impatient for all the fun and festivities! We want to look like the best version of ourselves so here are a few hairstyles to help you look gorgeous.

1. Twisted Crown Braid:

Brown Hair Colour Wedding Hairstyle

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Section your hair into two parts. Take one part and start making a braid from the front of your crown, alternate the smaller sections of hair you are adding to the braid from the front and back. Continue to do so till you reach the centre of your head and secure your braid with some nice hair pins. Repeat the same steps with the other part. That’s it! You have your pretty and chic hairstyle ready for any function of the wedding.


2. Side Twist:

Brown Hair Colour Wedding Hairstyle

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Make a small pouf on your crown. Then take small sections of your hair from both the sides of your head and overlap the right section over the left. Secure these with some fancy hairpins. Voila, you are all set with a pretty hairstyle!


3. Side Swept Hairstyle:

Brown Hair Colour Wedding Hairstyle

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Side swept hair is the easiest and the quickest hairstyle for a cocktail party. Gather your hair and place it over your left shoulder. To keep it in place, use a hairpin and slide it into the hair angled upwards toward your ear. Take a small section of your hair directly in front of your left ear, twist and pin it across over the rest of your hair. To make your hair look more voluminous, curl your hair before you start.

So ladies, here are 3 quick and easy hairstyles you can try that would suit your brown hair this wedding season. For more inspiration, read 5 Hairstyles for the Wedding Season.

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