Top brown hair colour shades for your face

Whenever you meet people, what is the first thing you notice about them? Their brown hair colour, the silky locks, the deep eyes, or the rosy cheeks? A bright face grabs everyone’s attention for sure. 

Using the right hair colour that complements your face tone will instantly brighten up your face. Similarly, your facial features can be highlighted by styling your hair right. Simple changes can bring out your facial features prominently and make you stand out from the crowd.

There are hair colour shades that are meant for a particular skin tone. But there are few like black and brown hair colours which suit everyone. Brown hair colour has proven its versatility in such a way that it has become a trending hair colour today. Every other actor or social media influencer is seen sporting this hair colour. And the reasons are simple – it offers such a huge variety of choices that one can never get tired of this chic hair colour. 

Why brown hair colour for your face?

Good hair colour is one that can easily transform the way you look and is easy to experiment with also. Firstly, brown hair colour is an easy to do hair colour. You need not prepare your hair or bleach it in advance like you need to do for platinum hair. Also, the shades of brown hair colour can be effortlessly achieved on the dark natural hair colour.  From natural hues to gorgeous shades, you can experiment your hearts out with brown hair colour. It wouldn’t matter if you let your hairs down, or clip them in an updo or tie them in a ponytail, everything would look stunning with the mesmerizing shades of brown hair colour.

Hair colour light brown makes your hair shine. How? Well, it adds dimension to your hair. Because of this, the light reflects differently from your hair making it shiny and gorgeous.

There is a shade of brown hair colour for everyone out there. It doesn’t matter if you are warm skin toned, neutral or cool skin toned, brown hair colour looks stunning on everyone. That’s why brown hair was never out of style and will never be out of style. It is a classic evergreen hair colour that can enhance the features of your face without much effort. 

When there are so many brown shades to consider, you should choose one that your heart desires. That’s because hair colour speaks tons about your personality and it should represent who you are. It is one shade that is subtle and fashionable. 

To help you make the correct choice, here we share with you top brown hair colour ideas.

Top brown hair colour shades

Brown hair colour offers such a plethora of shades that one can easily get confused on which one to pick up. To help you out, we have listed the top brown hair colour ideas. You can take inspiration from them for a great transformation. 

  • Black brown hair colour:

This is an otherwise black hair colour with brown hues. Confused what are we talking about? Well, absolute black hair rarely exists. Even the hair that appears to be completely black are actually shades of dark brown only. In different lighting conditions, the hair colour appears different. It is because everyone has a different texture of hair as a result of which it reflects various lights differently. So, if you observe the hair in bright sunlight or under a magnifying glass then you can observe brown and red hues. Black-brown hair colour is the darkest shade of brown hair colour which slightly adds brown hues to the hair.

Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour has a beautiful black brown hair colour shade. It appears black in normal lights but the brown shade is visible when you step out in the sun. The hair looks naturally beautiful because it’s a no-ammonia hair colour with the goodness of 10x aloe vera. And the best part is that you can easily cover your greys at home like a professional. Everyone who wishes to cover the greys seamlessly and look gorgeous should try this black brown hair colour for sure. 

  • Natural Brown hair colour

It is the perfect natural hair colour for girls who get greys at an early age. College-going girls in their twenties look for smart ways of covering their greys to look youthful. Natural brown hair colour is the right choice for them. This shade is offered by Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour and it always looks stunning. It doesn’t make the hair colouring too evident and gives 100% grey hair coverage too. Not to mention, it is affordable for everyone who wants to get a salon -like brown hair colour without spending much on the salon services.

  • Dark Brown Hair Colour

This is yet another natural shade of brown hair colour. Somewhere between black and brown, this hair colour is closer to brown and has shade numbers starting from 4. Godrej expert rich crème hair colour comes in a really pretty dark brown hair colour with shade no. 4.06. You won’t believe that you can get this graceful hair colour at home in just 30 minutes using our expert range. It is an affordable hair colour but gives a luxurious shine to your tresses. All thanks to the conditioning by the goodness of 10x aloe vera. 

Which is the best hair colouring technique with brown hair colour? 

We use hair colour primarily to cover the greys. Global hair colour is perfect for it and nothing is easier than doing it at home. Global hair colouring means applying the same shade of hair colour throughout your scalp, along the lengths of hair. The global hair colour will not just cover the greys but always make you look ravishing and stunning. Hair colour light brown to dark brown everything looks classic with global hair colour. You can use a pack of Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour to colour your hair at home. It is a no-ammonia hair colour with a unique formula that has the goodness of 10x aloe vera which makes the hair soft and shiny. This adds dimension to your mane and your hair looks healthy too. You can let your hair down without worrying about the frizzy look.

Black tendrils or a layered look or curls, everything looks perfect with brown hair colour. When you have healthy locks that can be flaunted as is, you need not make explicit and drastic haircuts to make noticeable changes. Something as simple as changing the parting of your hair can make all the difference and compliments will pour in from everywhere.

How to part your hair according to your face shape

Once you have covered the greys with hair colour light brown or natural brown hair colour, you can flaunt them open. Just learn the best way to part your hair for your face shape. The hair colour and parting can add contouring to your face and highlight the sharp facial points simultaneously.

a. Round face shape

As the name suggests a round face is symmetrical from forehead to the chin. It looks chubby around your cheeks. Layered long tresses with natural hair colour light brown or dark brown make the face appear elongated and reduce the chubbiness too. Alternatively, you can also opt for a side part that is too deep towards your ears. This will make the hair appear fuller on the crown and give your face an elongated look.

b. Heart face shape

A heart-shaped face has a characteristic broad forehead and a sharp, pointed chin. If you do a center parting then it will make draw all the attention to your chin and make it appear even sharper. To balance off the features of your face, you must part your hair a little off the center. The parting can be on either side from the center of your eyebrows. This will add softness to your facial features and make you look amazingly beautiful.

c. Diamond face shape

A diamond face shape has a sharp jawline that goes high up to your ears and a pointed chin. The forehead is narrower and the cheekbones are broader. If you have this face shape then it depends on whether you want to accentuate your cheekbones or not. For some, it is a blessing while some want to soften it. So, your tresses in hair colour light brown or natural brown can be parted accordingly. Go for center parting if you want to highlight your cheekbones. However, if you wish to soften them then go for a bouncy side part. Allow your hair to fall on your face and brush your cheeks so that they don’t look visibly edgy.

d. Oval face

Oval shape is one of those picture-perfect face shapes. The beauty of this face shape is that any and every hair parting looks good on it. You can sport front bangs sliding over your eyebrows for a cute, sober look with hair colour light brown. You can also choose a center part that spotlights the symmetry of your face or pull your hair together on one side for an asymmetrical look.

e. Long or oblong face shape

As the name suggests, an oblong face is rather longer face with broader temples. Ladies with an oblong face shape have that perfect jawline that many die for. To flaunt your jawline, it is best to pull back your brown hair colour locks and ditch the hair parting all together. This will bring all the attention to your high points. On the other hand, if you want to create an illusion of roundness then you should go for short bangs.

Now that you know about your face shape, why not colour your hair at home for healthy tresses. Natural colours of brown hair colour are evergreen and you can safely try them at any time of the year. You can cover the greys using beautiful shades of brown with Godrej Expert Rich Crème Hair Colour. It not just covers your greys but takes care of the health of your hair too. That’s why it is called the ‘Dekh bhaal Wala Hair Colour’. 

To use it, all you need to do is cut open the sachets and completely squeeze them out in a mixing bowl. Mix it properly to form an even paste and apply it on the hair using a brush. Once done, leave the hair colour for 30 minutes and rinse it till the water turns clear. After hair colouring, use a conditioner regularly and a deeply hydrating hair mask to maintain the glossy shine of your coloured tresses. 

Hair colouring at home was never easier than this and you should try them at home. Let us know which is your favourite shade of brown hair colour and why. Drop-in your comments and we would love to read your views.

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