Top Hair colour shades and hairstyles for the Indian festivities

Every lady loves makeovers. It can be as simple as trying a different hair colour shade or a hairstyle or a new makeup look or trying some exquisite couture. And what better time than the festivities? India is a land of varied ethnicities, traditions and cultures. Every second month we observe one or more festivals and each one has a distinct flavor of its own. People belonging to different faiths have different rituals and customs that differentiate one celebration from another. But thanks to the community living in cities, the differentiating borders between religions have been reduced. Friends and family come together in full vigor to enjoy the festivities.

And one thing that binds us together is our love for dressing up.  Irrespective of the event or the time of the day, everyone wants to look their best in the celebrations. We do everything possible to look pretty, charming and dashing. But the unwanted grey hair can spoil your mood amidst the high festive spirits. So, we are here to help you cover the greys with natural hair colour shades and transform your looks.

Our all-new Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour gives 100% grey hair coverage in a single session. It is also a no-ammonia hair colour with the goodness of 10x aloe vera which makes your hair shiny and silky. It is available in 5 incredible hair colour shades – natural black, black brown, dark brown, natural brown and burgundy hair colour shades. All the shades offered by us are good for natural hair shades.

Why should you use a natural hair colour shade?

Natural hair shade is one that you are born with. It has a single pigment or colour that covers your mane evenly. There are a lot of benefits of using natural colour shade for hair and we have listed them below for you:

  1.     When you use a natural hair colour shade to cover the greys, it boosts the natural hair shade and glorifies your looks. The oomph factor added to the dull hair will make the heads turn wherever you go.
  2.   It suits anyone and everyone. The natural hair colour shades suit Indian women of all skin tones. One looks best with the hair colour that they are born with. Most Indians are blessed with natural black or dark brown hair colour shade and they look stunning when they use the same shade to cover their grey hair strands.
  3.   Natural shades of hair colour don’t require bleaching the hair and usage of ammonia. Our no-ammonia hair colour can beautifully cover the greys and give you a natural look without hampering the health of hair.
  4.   The simplest and best way to cover greys is by using a natural hair colour shade. Say bye bye to the stubborn greys with our rich crème formula. It ensures 100% grey hair coverage in the first hair colouring session only.
  5.   Natural shade of hair colour is low maintenance, as a pack of Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour costs just INR 33/-. It comes with both developer and colourant that is sufficient for single usage.
  6.   The natural hair colour adds a shine to your hair. Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour has the goodness of 10x aloe vera that conditions your hair and adds a glossy finish to the hair too. This makes the hair shiny and silky soft.
  7.   Natural hair colour shades complement the ethnic outfits really well. Whether you are wearing a sequin saree, a designer lehenga, a simple chikankari kurta, or an indo-western outfit, you can never go wrong with natural hair colour shades. Such is the beauty of being natural and we bring out the best in you with our range of natural hair colour shades.

Do you wish to learn more about the various natural hair colour shades India? Hop on as we unfold the basic differences between the beautiful hair colour shades offered by Godrej Expert.

1.       Natural Black hair colour shade No: 1.00

It is one of the most popular hair colour shades India. Ever seen grannies with jet black hair and wondered if they have this hair colour shade naturally or they used a hair colour? Such is the popularity of this hair colour shade India. Ladies of every age group fall back on this shade of hair colour. It is a safe bet for the grannies, mommies, and even the college-goers to cover their greys and look naturally fabulous. Even people who are born with brown hair shade aspire to have jet black hair colour shade. You can conveniently use our Natural black hair colour shade number 1 to have that really rich black colour. It adds texture to your tresses and makes you look younger too.

2.       Black brown hair colour shade no: 3.00

Surprisingly very few Indians are blessed with jet black hair colour. The hair is naturally a very dark shade of brown also known as the black brown hair colour shade. This shade appears black because of a combination of the hair undertones and its texture. There is a slight difference in the natural black hair colour shade and the black brown shade. When you colour your hair with our shade no: 3.00, it gives you a black mane that looks natural and doesn’t make the hair colouring obvious.

3.  Dark Brown hair colour shade no: 4.06

Youngsters love to try something new while covering their grey hair. And brown hair colour shades offer that variety. Celebrities and stars are often spotted sporting this beautiful hair colour. Dark brown hair colour is a really attractive shade of brown. It is a dark chocolatey shade that can liven up your dull hair strands. The hair otherwise appears black but brown hue is visible either under a microscope or under the bright sunlight. So, try our shade no: 4.06 in the winters when you love to soak in the sun and stun everyone with your dark brown colour shade for hair.                                                                                                  

Our colour has goodness of aloe vera which conditions your hair and keeps them healthy. As a result, the cuticles reflect light and the dark brown hair appears shiny and glossy.

4.       Natural brown hair colour shade no: 4.00

Natural brown is a neutral brown colour shade for hair. It adds brown tints to the natural hair and looks impeccable with luscious waves or curls. This shade of our hair colour is really low maintenance and gives you a classy look nevertheless. Natural brown hair colour is particularly popular amongst young girls as it adds a beautiful vibe to your personality.

5.      Burgundy hair colour shade no: 4.16

This is a slightly different colour from the others in our range. It is a deep red colour shade for hair that looks close to natural. You can guess from the shade number that it is closer to the brown shade and not red. Our burgundy hair colour shade number 4.16 is neither strikingly different nor too dull. Somewhere between both the extremes, burgundy hair colour shade is perfect for people who want to look a little different from the rest. It is a lively shade that adds glistening red wine hue to your hair. It looks pretty on women with all the skin tones.

Colouring your hair is just one part done. You need to style them for the festivities too. You get luscious locks when you use one of the natural shades from our hair colour range. Hence, you needn’t spend much time styling your hair. Still, we have shared a few simple hair styles that will take your fashion statement a notch higher. 

Chic Hairstyles for natural hair colour shades

Festivals are a busy time of the year. The puja preparations, welcoming guests, decorating the house, and dressing up for the festivities can take up most of your time. Doing an elaborate hairstyle in such pressed schedules is a tough task. But every lady wants to tame the front section of her hair at least. It makes even the long hair manageable and you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

This festive season, let your hair down and flaunt them as is. The natural hair colour shades add elegance to the simplest hairstyles. Here we share a few hairstyles that look simply gorgeous when you have covered the grey hair with one of the five natural hair colour shades India offered by us. These are as follows:

  • Hair pouf: It is one of the simplest hairstyles for women. Women with any length of hair can try this hairstyle with ease. The puff creates an illusion of increasing your height too. To make this hairstyle, take a small section of hair from the front, hold it together and take it to the top of the crown. Now pull the sectioned hair a little towards the front making the section rise.
    Colour shade for hair
    Secure this section of hair with bobby pins. To keep the pouf intact you can use a little hair spray on it. The rest of the hair can be left open. To jazz up this simple hairstyle you can pull out a few tendrils like hair strands from the sides. It wouldn’t matter if you are using natural black or brown colour shade for hair. Your hair will make you look stunningly beautiful every single time.
  • Maangtika: Yet another popular way to stand out from the rest is to use a mangtikka on your hair. It is as easy as parting the hair into two and securing the maangtika in the center with a couple of bobby pins. Let the rest of your hair down. You can roll them in soft curls or style the beach waves or let them be naturally straight. Whatever you do, you will definitely make a style statement with the perfectly coloured tresses.
    hair colour shade
  • Twisted braid on the crown: This hairstyle looks best on women with medium to long hair. For this comb your hair properly. Take a small section of hair from the front side of your hair. Hold the ends of this small section and twist it till the ends of the hair also twist. Now pull the twisted strand to the other side of your head and secure it in place with the bobby pins. The hairstyle adds dimension to the face and makes it look pretty too.
    hair shade

The natural shades of hair colour offered by Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour can take any hairstyle a notch higher. Whether you have coloured your tresses in shades of black, brown, or burgundy, you are sure to leave everyone stunned with your luscious locks. Our natural hair colour shade add texture and shine to your hair. It makes your mane appear fuller with a nice volume and bounce. Now you need not cross check your greys in the mirror. All of them would be covered with our crème-based hair colour and you can fearlessly let your hair down. 


Hope this hair color guide helped all the women out there and you are now ready to try natural hair colour shades. Share your experience in the comments. We would love to hear.

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