When I planned to do Burgundy Hair Colour for the first time for Karvachauth

An Indian’s life revolves around these festivals as it gives us a chance to celebrate with our loved ones. And of all of them, Karvachauth is of utmost importance for the married ladies in North India. Indian festivals are incomplete without bright colours and Karvachauth is one festival that is synonymous with vibrant and bold colours, especially red. Right from the dress, to jewellery, accessories and footwear everything is colour coordinated. However, using the latest hair colour to complement our outfit rarely crosses our mind.

Do you know, following a hair colour trend is the best and easiest way to bring out the best of your personality and transform your look instantly? People generally avoid experimenting with their hair. The moment the hairstylist trims off an extra inch, we go into a tizzy. ‘What would people say’ has also killed a lot of hair transformation dreams.

Even with me, something or the other has always held me back and I had made peace with my natural hair. Getting Burgundy hair colour done still remained on my bucket list for a long long time. Somehow I have always been fascinated by ladies carrying this hair colour trend but could never muster up the courage to try it myself. Finally, on Karvachauth, I prepared myself for a new makeover. I thought of going beyond my comfort zone and trying something unique and different. And what better occasion than Karvachauth.

Last year, I got a dark burgundy dress for Karvachauth and was contemplating to do a Burgundy hair colour to compliment my dress. But I was still sceptical of trying the latest hair colour. Which shade of Burgundy hair colour should I choose? What if Burgundy hair colour doesn’t suit me? Professional hair colour would cost a bomb and if it doesn’t live up to my expectations, all the money would go down the drain and my look would be spoiled too. How to colour hair professionally? How to colour hair at home naturally? Which is a safe hair colour? A thousand questions and a million worries hovered in my mind. But they all were put to rest when my friend suggested Godrej Expert Hair Colour to me.

Burgundy Hair Colour Look for Karvachauth - Godrej Expert

She is someone who has tried all sorts of colours on her hair and finally for the last 5 years she has stuck to Godrej Expert Hair colour for doing hair colour at home. She suggested to me that it is the best at-home hair colour available in the market which gives you a professional hair colour at home only. The Godrej Expert hair colour is absolutely safe hair colour without ammonia and is made up of milder ingredients. Its unique formula has 10x aloe vera that makes your hair look soft and shiny.

Another advantage of using Godrej Expert hair colour is that it is very pocket friendly and absolutely safe for beginners who wish to experiment with their looks. You need not burn a hole in the pocket by booking a salon appointment and can easily do professional hair colour at home with Godrej Expert hair colour.

Burgundy Hair Colour  - Godrej Expert Rich Crème

I wanted to give my crowning glory a makeover with the Burgundy hair colour. But the shade of Burgundy hair colour was still a matter of concern. There are so many pretty shades of Burgundy hair colour to choose from and it’s tough to find the one that would suit me. A hairstylist suggested that as a rule of thumb, the Burgundy hair colour that contains lots of red and violet looks best on women with a cool skin tone. However, shades of Burgundy hair colour that have more brown tones look beautiful on women with warm skin tones. Burgundy hair colour of Godrej Expert Hair colour is a very pretty shade that suits all the skin tones. It is warm with more brown tones and perfect for ladies like me who are trying a different hair colour for the first time. It is also perfect for those who love to play safe. So without worrying about the shade and tones, you can blindly pick up the Burgundy hair colour from Godrej Expert hair colour.

Finally, a few days before Karvachauth, I sat down to do Burgundy hair colour at home. My nerves were already sky-high. I was super nervous and excited too. I cut open the pre-measured sachets of Godrej Expert hair colour, emptied the contents in a non-metallic bowl, mixed them properly with the brush. A soft smell of the hair colour had already enchanted me. Godrej Expert hair colour is crème based hair colour which makes it super easy to handle. For a beginner like me, it was a no-drip, no-fuss hair colour. I applied it to my shoulder-length hair in just 10 minutes. For the detailed process of applying the hair colour at home, please click here.

Crème Based Hair Colour - Godrej Expert

I impatiently shuttled around my house because I was curious to see the final result. So my hubby switched on the TV and before the episode finished, my alarm had already rung. 30 minutes went by in a flash and I rushed to the shower.

The feeling of seeing my freshly coloured hair in the mirror is inexpressible. I had finally taken that plunge and I just couldn’t take my eyes off myself. My lips were arched in a constant smile and I couldn’t stop admiring my hair. I felt confident and I absolutely loved my new look. After that, I realised that it was a good idea to try a hair colour at home. It was actually liberating and refreshing, to say the least.

Burgundy Hair Colour Tips - Godrej Expert

From my experience I have a few Burgundy Hair colour tips for you:

(i) For the first-timers, try a safe and warm shade of Burgundy hair colour like the one offered by Godrej Expert Hair Colour. It would transform your look without making a drastic change. Once you love it, you can try switching to the red tones of Burgundy too.

(ii) If you are not really sure about the Burgundy hair colour, try a peek-a-boo effect. Just take all the front portion of your hair, twist and clip them up. Now colour just the inside strands of your hair. This way you can style your hair in different ways and have control over how many colours you want to show or hideaway.

(iii) Don’t hesitate and don’t be scared of taking the risk. With Godrej Expert hair colour, it is worth a try and trust me, you won’t have any regrets.


The best part about Burgundy hair colour is that it works well for everyone and gives you a vibrant hair colour transformation regardless of your natural hair colour. If you are also tempted to take that plunge, this Karva Chauth tries a different hue for your hair. Choose Godrej Expert hair colour that takes care of your hair while transforming your look and experience the bliss yourself.

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