Why Godrej Expert rich crème hair colour is the best hair colour brand?

One of my closest friends is a “Know it all” especially when it comes to the best hair colour brands, hair care products or the skincare routines. She keeps sharing her 2 cents on skincare and hair care routine but I never lend her my ears. One fine evening we were casually sipping on coffee at her sofa when she shouted “Freeze! Don’t move!” She pounced over me and got hold of my head. I was startled and didn’t know what to do except follow her instructions.

The next moment I felt her wiggling fingers on my scalp and she screamed, “I just spotted your first grey hair.” “Ouch, you just uprooted that! It hurts!” was my reaction. I was anxious and embarrassed at the same time. I was anxious because my hair had already started greying at such an early age. And I was embarrassed because my friend spotted it. If only I had spotted it earlier, I could have covered it in solitude without anyone else noticing it.

No matter whether she is your best friend or family, it is humiliating when someone else points out your grey hair and you are caught unaware. I wanted some time by myself to come to terms with the reality but my friend was busy convincing me to start using a safe way to cover the greys.

I knew I had to cover the greys. But how, was the biggest question!

Salon Vs At-Home hair colour for the beginners

It was the first time that I would have coloured my hair and I didn’t want to go wrong with it. After all, the hair is my crown and I couldn’t afford any mishaps with it. The crown needs to be perfectly covered without any visible greys. Also, I was scared of taking chances with it.

I was clear about one thing that I will not go to a salon to get professional hair colour done. Primarily because hair colour at the salon costs a bomb. I had just started earning and I didn’t want an extra burden on my pockets. Also, I feared facing the judgemental parlour wali didi. She always has a box full of beauty tips for otherwise healthy skin of mine. And with grey hair, I cannot even fathom the idea of withstanding her non-stop chatter.

So, my friend suggested using Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour because it is one of the best hair colour brands to cover the greys at home. She explained how easy it is to use it at home. Godrej Expert hair colour is a safe hair colouring option that is inexpensive too.

I told her, “I am a novice and have no idea how to colour the hair at home. It sure appears to be a humongous task that is best done by an expert.”

She laughed and said, “Colouring with the Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour is so easy that even a beginner can be an expert. I have been using the Godrej dark brown hair colour and no one can make out if I have coloured my hair or not. “

I was sure that I would cover my hair at home but I was still confused amongst the best hair colour brands. I wanted to talk to my mom too before choosing Godrej Expert hair colour.

Why did mom suggest Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour?

Once home, I hugged my mother tight and sobbed, “My hair has started greying at such an early age. Looking at your luscious locks, I never thought my hair would turn grey so soon!”

My mom consoled me, “It is not a big deal to have greys at an early age. In fact, it is quite common these days. You just need to use the right hair care products and you will be fine. Let us get you a pack of Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour and good conditioner to lock in your hair colour.” 

That is the same hair colour brand that my friend had suggested. 

My mom continued, “Godrej Expert hair colour is one of the best hair colour brands with a good variety of natural shades. My personal favourites are Godrej dark brown hair colour, Godrej burgundy hair colour and Godrej black hair colour. Also, it takes care of your hair while colouring it. Firstly, it is a no-ammonia formula that makes it a safer option to colour the tresses. Secondly, it has the goodness of 10x aloe vera that makes the hair shiny and silky. Aloe vera has many benefits for the hair and Godrej expert hair colour has just brought all its goodness in their hair colour.”

Benefits of aloe vera for the hair

  1. Aloe vera has Anti-inflammatory properties

The aloe vera is known to have a pH level similar to that of our skin and scalp. As a result, it soothes the scalp whenever it is applied to the hair. It has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent skin irritation.

  1. Hydrates and moisturises the hair

Aloe vera has high water content. This adds to the moisturising properties of the hair. AFter using a product of any hair colour brand, you must condition your hair properly for a silky shine. The presence of aloe vera in Godrej expert rich crème hair colour adds to its hydrating properties and makes the hair look healthy and beautiful.

  1. Improves hair growth and strengthens the hair

Aloe vera is a rich source of proteins and minerals which keep the hair healthy and strong. As aloe vera has cleansing properties, it unblocks the pores on the scalp and allows them to breathe freely. This not just strengthens the hair but promotes new hair growth also.

After learning about so many benefits of aloe vera, I was convinced that Godrej expert hair colour is the best hair colour brand for me. I started looking for the shades that I should try. Godrej expert hair colour is available in 5 incredible shades – Godrej black hair colour, Godrej dark brown hair colour, black brown hair colour, natural brown hair colour, and Godrej burgundy hair colour. Picking one of these 5 choices was a tough decision. 

My friend came to my rescue. She suggested I check the natural hues of the hair in natural sunlight and pick up a Godrej expert hair colour shade accordingly. After consulting my mom and my best friend, I boiled down on Godrej black hair colour. It is a natural black hair colour shade that doesn’t look too inky. 

How to perform the skin hypersensitivity test?

Even if you have chosen one of the best hair colour brands for yourself, still it is advisable to do a skin hypersensitivity test before proceeding with the hair colouring. In fact, each pack of Godrej expert rich creme hair colour recommends repeating this test before each and every application of the hair colour.

To perform this test, first cleanse an area on which you would do a patch test. It can be behind your ears or on the inner surface of your forearms. Use soap and water or alcohol to clean the area properly. Mix a small quantity of the developer and the rich crème hair colour and apply it to the cleansed area. Allow it to dry and wash it after 48 hours. Observe the area in the meantime. If you observe any redness or itchiness then wash off the area immediately.  Even after 48 hours if no swelling, burning or irritation is experienced then the hair colour brand is safe to use.

The amazing packaging of Godrej expert rich creme hair colour 

Once I got the pack of Godrej black hair colour, I realised that it is really easy to colour the hair at home. All the instructions are explicitly mentioned on the flip side of the pack. It even includes details of the hypersensitivity test. Hair colouring with Godrej expert hair colour is a simple three-step process and now I am confident that it can be managed at home easily.

The pack is sleek and meant for single-time usage. The creme and developer come in different sachet and their quantity is ideal for one-time application. A single pack can easily cover the greys of short to medium-length hair. However, if you have long tresses and you want to cover the greys along the length of the hair, then you should buy two packs of Godrej expert hair colour of the same shade. 

Applying hair colour at home

Once I saw the easy-to-use packaging of Godrej expert, I was quite confident that I can easily use it to cover the greys at home. But mom being mom, couldn’t do without helping me. She took the charge of applying the hair colour to cover my grey hair.

Apart from the pack of Godrej expert hair colour, you would need the following items from your home:

  • A plastic or glass bowl to mix the colour
  • An application brush
  • A pair of gloves
  • Petroleum jelly
  • An old shirt 

We had done the sensitivity test 2 days in advance and it didn’t cause any allergic reaction. So, it was safe to use Godrej black hair colour without any hesitation. My mom advised me to wear an old, button-down shirt so that it can be removed without smearing its neck with hair color. She also applied petroleum jelly on my hairline to safeguard the face and neck from stains. 

In the meanwhile I cut open the sachet of Godrej expert black hair colour and squeezed out the contents of both the crème and developer in a bowl. Using the brush, I mixed it together to form a uniform paste. It didn’t smell like nasty chemicals. Instead, it smelled pleasant. 

By then, my mom had started combing my hair. She ran the tail comb from front to back of the neck to part hair into two sections. She further divided them into two each and clipped them using clips. One by one she carefully coloured the tresses. 

Once all the roots were covered, mom ran her fingers from front to back and pulled all the hair together to spread the hair colour evenly along the lengths too. Impatiently I waited for the 30 minutes alarm to go off. After that, I rinsed my hair and conditioned them properly.

After drying out the hair I checked my hair in the mirror. Flipping hair left and right, I searched for the greys but couldn’t spot any. There was hardly any difference in my natural hair colour and the shade of Godrej black hair colour. So, my hair looked naturally beautiful and I fell in love with it. 

Years down the line, I still continue to use Godrej black hair colour because it is undoubtedly one of the best hair colour brands. It suits me well and takes care of my hair like no one else. 

If you are also worried about early greys and are looking for a safe solution to cover them, then use this Godrej expert rich crème hair colour. I am sure you will thank me a hundred times.

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