Why you should choose ammonia free hair colour

Hair colour has become quite common these days. Every second person is using it to cover the grey hair and style it differently. But do you know how to select safe hair colour and make an informed choice? Do you look for ammonia free hair colours? Are you one of those who is inspired by the various shades that are on offer? Or are you price-sensitive and blindly pick up the cheaper hair colour that is available?

Hair colouring is not just about covering the greys and adding to your beauty. It needs to be safe and sustainable so that no damage is caused to your hair or health even after repeated usage in the long term. So, you should make an informed choice and pick up safe hair colour for yourself. 

One of the first parameters to check is – hair colour without ammonia. These days, “Ammonia free hair colour” – is the buzzword in the hair colour industry. Everyone is emphasizing the importance of using no ammonia hair colour. But do you understand the reasons behind it? Let’s understand how the ammonia based hair colour works and how is it different from a no ammonia hair colour. By the end of it, you will be in a better position to make the right choice for yourself. 

Let us begin with the basics. 

What is ammonia?

Ammonia is an alkaline chemical that is used as a powerful ingredient in hair colour. It is mainly used to lighten the natural pigment of the hair. This process is also commonly known as bleaching. It is done so that the dark coloured hair can be coloured in a different shade easily. 

Is it safe to use ammonia in hair colour?

Before answering that, let’s see how the ammonia-based hair colour works. 

Hair cuticles remain closed to keep the hair healthy. However, when you use a hair colour with ammonia in it, the ammonia molecules increase the pH level of hair and in turn raise the cuticles too. The raised cuticles allow penetration of colour in the hair and a change of hair colour shade. 

Repeated usage of hair colour will lead to repeated raising and closing of the hair cuticles. This in turn reduces their strength and disrupts their shielding abilities. As a result, the hair is unable to retain moisture and shield the hair roots against dirt and damage leading to dry and frizzy hair. 

Is hair colour possible with ammonia free hair colour?

This is an obvious question when we know how effectively ammonia colours the hair. But ammonia is not the only developer. With time, many safer alternatives have been found for hair colouring and it is very much possible to cover the greys with ammonia free hair colour. 

Godrej Expert Rich Creme hair colour is a no ammonia hair colour. You must be wondering that how does it work? Well, it has milder colouring agents which do not penetrate into the hair cuticle. Instead, it stains the hair with a different shade and doesn’t make any change in the structure of the hair. Ammonia free hair colour can give you beautifully coloured tresses without the harmful effects of bleaching. This hair colour is not as long-lasting as the one with ammonia but it leaves you with luscious locks that can make the heads turn where ever you go. 

Why use ammonia free hair colour?

Hair colour without ammonia should be preferred for more reasons than one. Ammonia is detrimental to your health and hair too. To avoid its ill effects, one must use ammonia free hair colour. Here we share a few reasons why you should prefer using ammonia free hair colour over the ammonia-based hair colour: 

  1. Healthy tresses: Repeated usage of ammonia for hair colouring will permanently damage the hair cuticles. The cuticles lose their ability to close back completely and guard the hair against dirt, damaging the hair roots directly.  This makes hair brittle and frizzy. As opposed to the hair colour with ammonia, no ammonia hair colour like Godrej Expert Rich crème hair colour does not harm the hair. It keeps the hair healthy and shiny. 
  2. Safer ingredients: Ammonia is harmful to the hair. It puts your hair and health at risk. But ammonia free hair colour has safer colouring ingredients. These are gentle and milder too. Thus, they do not irritate the scalp or cause any inflammation. 
  3. No pungent odour: Some hair colours have such a pungent smell that they can make you dizzy. And in most cases, ammonia is the chemical to be blamed. Ammonia fumes leave a very pungent smell at the time of hair colouring. However, you won’t face this problem with ammonia free hair colour. In fact, our colour is a unique no ammonia hair colour that contains the goodness of ten times aloe vera. It leaves a pleasant smell once you have coloured your tresses. 
  4. Conditioning properties: Ammonia based hair colour leads to loss of moisture from the open hair cuticles. This makes hair dry and prone to damage. However, our ammonia free hair colour is different. The crème based formula is unique that is infused with the goodness of ten times aloe vera. It not just locks in the natural moisture of the hair but also hydrates your tresses while colouring them. Properly conditioned hair after the colouring gives you vivacious locks that are sure to grab a lot of eyeballs at any gathering. 
  5. 100% grey hair coverage: You must be wondering if ammonia free hair colour can give you 100% grey hair coverage or not? We know that ammonia-based hair colour has higher penetration properties but it doesn’t mean that no other agent can work as well as ammonia. Our ammonia free hair colour is specially designed to give 100% grey hair coverage in the first application only. Even if you have stubborn greys, our no ammonia hair colour will easily cover them. Without worrying much, you can get 100% grey hair coverage with Godrej Expert Rich Creme no ammonia hair colour. 
  6. Natural look: Funky colours like red, blue, and violet look bright but they make hair colouring obvious. Also, a few days down the line, hair becomes dry and dull. Hair even appears thinner and lifeless. But this won’t happen if you use ammonia free hair colour to cover the greys. The natural shades of hair colour give you a seamless look and the hair looks naturally beautiful. It adds a glossy shine to your hair. It looks so natural that it is tough to make out if you coloured your hair or not. So, one should use natural shades of hair colour for a healthier and natural look. 

Is hair colour without ammonia effective?

The effectiveness of various no ammonia hair colours varies from one brand to another. It depends on the colouring and developing agents used in their formulation. Different no ammonia hair colours use different ingredients and their effectiveness varies accordingly. We at Godrej have used ingredients that are safer for your hair and give the best results. Even the stubborn greys can be easily coloured by our unique no ammonia formula. So, ammonia free hair colour is good for your hair and really effective too. 

How long does the ammonia free hair colour last?

The time period for which the ammonia free hair colour lasts depends on a lot of factors. It depends on the frequency at which you wash your hair. Hair colour fades quicker when hair is washed frequently. Exposure to excessive heat or UV rays can also be detrimental to your natural hair colour. If you are avoiding all the risk factors and washing your hair sparsely, then the hair colour can last anywhere between 4-6 weeks. 

One of the advantages of using no ammonia hair colour is that you need not commit to a hair colour shade for long. For example, if you tried the natural brown hair colour and you do not like the shade, then you can try natural black hair colour after a month or so. It will make your mane jet black.  Similarly, you have the liberty of switching between different hair colour shades. We offer a range of stunning natural hair colours – natural black, natural brown, black brown, dark brown and burgundy hair colour. Once, you find your perfect match of the natural shade of hair colour, you can choose to commit to it for a lifetime. 

Can I get my natural hair colour back after using a no ammonia hair colour?

When you bleach or lighten your hair using ammonia-based hair colour, it is a little tricky to go back to your natural hair. You have to wait till the hair grows out and your natural hair colour starts showing up. This might take months together and even after that, the hair quality isn’t as it was earlier. The luscious shine is lost and the hair looks damaged. 

On the contrary ammonia free hair colour makes no fundamental change in your hair colour or its texture. It does not bind to the hair permanently and washes out quickly. Once the hair colour fades away or is washed out, you will notice your natural hair colour coming back. It will have a similar texture as you had before you coloured hair. 

Which is the best no ammonia hair colour?

Undoubtedly, Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour is the best ammonia free hair colour available in the market. It is infused with the natural goodness of 10x aloe vera which takes care of your hair while you colour it. The vividly coloured mane looks elegant and attractive. And all these benefits come in a value pack that is easy on your pockets.

The cherry on the cake is the ease of usage of our hair colour. Even beginners can use it without having jitters. The single-use packing makes it convenient to use our crème based hair colour. It colours your hair professionally at home and gives good coverage. You just need a glass mixing bowl, a pair of gloves, and a tail comb to get started. Empty the sachet completely, apply the hair colour and after 30 minutes rinse your hair properly. Hair colouring cannot get easier and better than this. 

We hope now you understand the importance of using ammonia free hair colour. To protect your hair from any sort of damage, switch to safer alternatives right now. Let us know if we answered all your queries regarding no ammonia hair colour. In case we missed out on any, leave them in the comments below. We would love to answer them for you. 

Adopt healthy practices and Stay Safe.

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