Worried about hair damage by colouring? Worry No more with Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour

In recent years, the usage of instant hair colour has increased significantly. It may be attributed to higher disposable income and increased fashion consciousness among men and women alike. Earlier women resorted to instant hair colour just to cover their greys. However, now it is also used to improve the hair colour or even change the natural hair colour for a drastic makeover. Though instant hair colour is very appealing, women are often scared of the long term problems it might create. Women believe that extensive usage of instant hair colour will permanently damage their hair. As a result, many trust their hair with a professional only.

Professional instant hair colour - Godrej Expert

However the professional will just take care of the application part of hair colour. It is the chemicals in the instant hair colour that make hair colour safe or harmful for the tresses. The main ingredient in hair colour that is responsible for hair damage is ammonia.

Ammonia in hair colour acts on the cuticles of the hair. Cuticles are like tree barks and protect your hair from damage. Ammonia is responsible for raising the pH of hair to lift the cuticle. As a result, the instant hair colour is able to penetrate through the cuticle and deposit the colour. The moment the hair cuticle is raised, your hair is damaged because the cuticle isn’t meant to be lifted up. Frequent use of ammonia-based hair colour makes the cuticles weak and they don’t close back completely. As a result, the hair becomes weak and prone to damage.

Cortex and cuticle of hair - Godrej Expert

That doesn’t mean that all instant hair colour contains ammonia. Choosing the right hair colour is important to prevent hair damage. So even if you get hair colour done from a professional, take special care that you choose ammonia-free hair colour for your tresses. But why go to the salon when you can do hair colour at home in just 5 minutes and it is the safest way to colour your hair. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour is the best shampoo based hair dye that does not contain ammonia.

Easy 5 minute instant hair colour - Godrej Expert

Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour is safe to use and actually takes care of your hair. The hair colour shampoo is made of milder ingredients. Following is the list of ingredients in Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour that prevent hair damage and makes them look soft and shiny.


1. No-Ammonia formula:

Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour does not contain ammonia and hence doesn’t bleach the hair. As a result, the hair colour shampoo does not change the natural colour of the hair. Instead, it adds a layer of colour that gradually fades away in 4-6 weeks. No-ammonia hair colour doesn’t sting or cause skin irritation. And you needn’t tolerate the overwhelming pungent smell associated with ammonia. This makes Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour a safe option to do hair colour at home. No-ammonia hair colour is the first step in choosing a hair colour that takes care of your hair.

2. Enriched with Amla:

Since time immemorial amla has been an essential part of the hair care routines for women. Owing to its richness in nutrients like Vitamin C and tannins, Amla is a superfood for hair. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour is enriched with amla which makes the hair soft and shiny. Alma is known to possess nourishing properties and is a natural conditioner. As a result, after using Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour your hair cuticle doesn’t lose proteins or moisture.

3. Enriched with Shikakai:

Shikakai is also known as the ‘hair fruit’. It promotes hair growth and reduces hair fall. This herb also finds its place in ancient times for cleansing the scalp. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair colour is enriched with shikakai which is a natural cleanser and also adds shine and lustre to the hair. The hair becomes really soft after using this easy hair colour shampoo.


High-quality hair colour is one that not just adds colour to your hair but also gives your hair a perfect shine and texture. It is also supposed to give 100% coverage of grey hair and make you look younger. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour is the best shampoo based hair dye that takes really good care of hair and adds to the beauty of women.

The benefits don’t end here. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour gives a professional colour to your hair without burning a hole in your pockets. It comes in pre-measured sachets and that makes it extremely easy to use.

Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour has revolutionised the hair colouring process. It is a mess-free, hassle-free product that helps you to have a hair makeover at home in a short period of time. You just have to cut open the sachet of Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour, wear gloves on your hands and empty the sachet on your hands. You don’t need any hair dye tools like a mixing bowl, brush or comb. Massage it directly on your dry hair. Just like oil massage, run your fingers through your hair. The massaging makes the application really simple and gives 100% grey coverage too. After 5 minutes, just rinse hair colour shampoo off. You will get beautifully coloured tresses in just 5 minutes. Doing hair colour at home has never been cheaper and easier than this. It is a breakthrough innovation that has made the hair colouring process really convenient.

After using Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair colour, hair looks soft and shiny and you can let them loose and create magic everywhere you go. Making hairstyles and using heat styling tools or hair drier can easily hurt your hair. Also using chemicals for straightening or curling leaves hair dry and frizzy. So it is best to use hair colour that adds to the shine and lustre of hair.

You will definitely fall in love with your shiny coloured hair. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour is available in beautiful shades – natural black, natural brown and burgundy. Avoid washing your hair frequently and your hair colour will look vibrant even after weeks.

So next time you are planning to do hair colour, don’t fear the damage. Just look at the pack of the hair dye to know the type of hair colouring agent it contains. Ammonia free hair colour is the safest bet if you don’t wish to hamper the integrity of your hair. Just do a skin hypersensitivity test by applying a patch of dye on the back of the ears and keep a check on any irritation or itching. After 48 hours, if you don’t observe any redness or itching then the hair colour is absolutely safe to use. Godrej Expert Easy Shampoo Hair Colour enriched with amla and shikakai will give you natural-looking hair that is soft and shiny in just 5 minutes.

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